Quadratus Lumborum (QL) Stretching and Release

GET RID OF LOWER BACK PAIN!!! [QL stretching protocol] . As I explained yesterday, a lot of times the Quadratus Lumborum muscle is responsible for your back pain! Here is a video I filmed with @isabel.lahela 👉🏼 3 variations to open up your QL muscle . BASIC – lean into the wall on a lacrosse ball. Move around and find the points of tension. 😵Once you find the spots, ease into them and hold for 10-30 secs 🤤 . INTERMEDIATE – place your hips on the wall and lean away from it and reach as far as you can. You should feel the pull in your muscles and NOT in your spine . ADVANCED – stand on a stool and drop your leg + 🖐🏼reach for the ceiling and feel the pull in your QL! This is a harder exercise that requires a step stool or something you can stand on! ⛔️ Make sure you hold on to something so you don't fall! 🤣 . When you do the exercises make sure you go slow and controlled! Feel the muscle stretch and come out of it. Don't hold for more than 4-5 secs. This is a dynamic stretch . INT/ADV – 3 sets of 10 reps and do both sides if you feel you need it. Odds are one side is tighter . DOUBLE-TAP ❤️ and TAG a friend with back pain!!! . #Myodetox #futureproofyourbody

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