Muscle Physiology

After 16 stages in the Tour of France the legs of @p.poljanski ended up like this. 😱 Do you ever wonder why or how this happens? 🤔 . Many people think that bulging veins during exercise are due to an increase in either blood volume or pressure in these vessels. In fact, this process is caused by a decrease of step-up activity, such as with cycling. . When exercise begins, the heart rate and strength of contraction increases and blood is quickly pumped into the arteries. As this is occurring, systolic blood pressure increases linearly with exercise intensity, rising to nearly 200 mmHg during high intensity aerobic exercise (and to more than 400 mmHg during weight lifting). . Diastolic pressure, on the other hand, changes very little with aerobic exercise. Simultaneously, the internal diameters of veins and venules narrow in a process called venoconstriction, forcing the flow of blood forward to the heart and enhancing their ability to receive blood coming from the capillaries. Overall, this process helps decrease the pressure in the venules and veins to at most about five mmHg. . Venous volume and pressure thereby decrease and are thus not the basis for the bulging. Instead, the process occurring in the capillaries as a result of the rise in arterial blood pressure during exercise causes plasma fluid otherwise resting in these tiny tributaries to be forced out through the thin vessel walls and into compartments surrounding the muscles. This process, known as filtration, causes a swelling and hardening of the muscle that is noticed during exercise. As a result of this swelling, cutaneous veins are pushed toward the skin surface, flatten to some extent, and appear to bulge. . Such veins are more visible in people with less subcutaneous fat. This bulging is neither good nor bad but simply a result of normal physiological mechanisms that result from the rise in arterial blood pressure during exertion. . If you or a loved one are experiencing these conditions, please ask us and contact your primary healthcare physician to prevent any further complications. Stay strong and stay active everyone! 💪🤓 📕 . FOLLOW us and TAG YOUR FRIENDS!

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Hamstring injuries, rehab and strengthening exercises

For the past two Friday's we posted hamstring exercise content on our YouTube channel. As the Nordic hamstring curl is praised as THE hamstring exercise One of our videos discussed the 4️⃣ best exercises to target all heads of the hamstrings. ⠀ But is there EVEN MORE to hamstring training? @ylmsportscience once again put together a cool infographic summarizing what goes into holistic hamstring health.⠀ Cool 😎 ⠀ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖⠀ #Physiotutors #Physiotherapy #Physicaltherapy #Physiostories #doctor #Physiotherapie #physiotherapystudent #dpt #DPTstudent #education #PT #physio #fisio #fysio #physicaltherapist #fisioterapia #fisioterapiaesportiva #fisioterapeuta #sportstherapy #npte #studyingphysio #physiostudent #studentpt #physiolife #medstudent #medicine #sportsphysio #orthopedic #health #fitness

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The Nordic Hamstring Exercise 💪 is a GREAT exercise to reduce hamstring injury & re-injury!!! . . ⚫The Great Hamstring Saver? According to at least half a dozen recent studies, almost 2/3 of hamstring injuries might be prevented by increasing hamstring eccentric strength. The research has proved that the exercise reduced 70% of hamstring injuries & 85% of hamstring re-injuries!!! . . ⚫Eccentric Exercise? Eccentric exercise of the hamstrings is important to prepare the tissue to generate enough force to limit knee extension immediately before foot strike when sprinting – the most taxing phase of sprinting for the hamstring . . ⚫Muscle Activation Patterns – Impact of prior strain injury The semitendinosus muscle is more activated than the biceps femoris & semimembranosus. This may have implication for the use of this exericse in hamstring strain injury prevention protocols given that the vast majority of hamstring strain injuries involve the biceps femoris as the primary site of injury . . . . #massage #massagebyjun #massagetherapist #softtissuetherapist #sportsmassage #injuries #pain #hamstrings #strain #nordichamstring #exercise #prevention #auckland #newzealand #마사지 #마사지치료사 #치료 #부상 #햄스트링 #운동 #오클랜드 #뉴질랜드

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What I did three days ago and why I still can't walk normally; #nordichamstring

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En lille lækker leg day finisher til at udtrætte og sætte ild i baglår og baller: GHD Nordic hamstring curls i superset med GHD hyperextensions🔥 Øvelserne kræver en godt opspænd i mave og lænd. Efter at have set videoen kan jeg konstatere, at jeg i Nordic hamstring curls (den første af de to øvelser) skal rette min hofte mere ud (det gør det hårdere for lænden) og undgå at komme helt så langt tilbage oppe i toppen af bevægelsen for at undgå at slippe spændingen i baglårene. Øvelse gør mester😉 Jeg kørte i alt 3 sæt af hhv. 10 Nordic og 12 extensions. Der findes flere re- og progressioner af Nordic hamstring curls. Denne version er svær at mestre! Smid en kommentar, om du er interesseret i at se en video med, hvordan du gør øvelsen nemmere eller sværere😘 #msblpt #nojoynogain #nordichamstring #legday #gaintrain #gains #fitgirls #strongbody #muscles #strength #power #fun #fitfamdk #fitfam #styrketræning #girlpower #finisher #bodyfitness #bodybuilding #grind #workout #motivation #exercise #gymmotivation #bootybuilding #bunsandguns #fitnessworlddk

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3-WAY 🍑GLUTE-HAM HAMMER🔨Everybody wants fancy new fitness moves but if you want a glorious set of glute-hams, get familiar with these 3 GLUTE-HAM RAISES using your bodyweight and an optional resistance band with very little spinal stress. If you don't have a floor glute-ham developer like I do with the #SpeedBot, modify by having a partner hold your feet on the floor or by anchoring your feet into a lat pulldown machine. 1️⃣Overhead Arms Eccentric Russian/Nordic Leg Curls 2️⃣Hybrid Glute-Ham Raise 3️⃣Band-Resisted Glute-Ham Raise Move 1 is all about eccentric overload to stimulate maximum gains in strength and muscle mass in those lower #Manstrings. Extending your arms overhead on the descent is like added a weight vest the movement. You can assist with your hands/fingertips on the way up. Do 2-3 sets of 6 reps. This also works the upper calves/gastrocs which are knee flexors. Move 2 positions you in a hip-hinge through the exercise to shorten the lever and allow you, do higher reps, and get more glute involvement. Do 2-3 sets of max reps. Move 3 involves a kneeling hip-hinge to work more high hamstrings and glute and adding the band tension gives you peak contraction in at the top of the move where it's typically easiest. Do 2-3 sets of 6-12 reps. DOUBLE-TAP if you dig it, save it, and tag some #swolemates too. #TheDailyBJ #NotAPornSite #AllBJNoBS #GluteHam #GluteHamRaises #RussianLegCurls #NordicCurls #NordicLegCurls #LegCurls #TheHamstringGuy #HamstringWorkout #HamstringExercises #GlutesWorkout #GluteExercises #Butt #ButtWorkout #ShortShorts #ThunderThighs #BJGaddour #🍑

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