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#Repost @kompftrainingsystems (@get_repost) ・・・ Here’s an awesome core and hip flexor activation exercise to do before your workout or as a filler. Have a @perform_better mini band around the feet, while having your lower back completely flat on the floor throughout the whole range of motion. While extending the leg out the opposing leg is resisting the band turning on the hip flexors and more specifically the Psoas which is a huge stabilizer of the lower back. – A couple coaching point- always be pushing the wall as hard as you can and trying to lift your hips off the floor. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – #performbetter #cpps #strengthandconditioning #sportsperformance #kompftrainingsystems #kts #scollofam #scollostrength #diligence #lowerback #core #coretraining #strengthcoach #coach #coaching #personaltrainer #training #basketball #girlsbasketball #functionaltraining #hardwork #diligence #commitment #consistency #feedyourfocus

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Repost @dr.njbuonforte 🔥PSOAS MARCHING🔥 The hip flexors have been scrutinized as always being “tight,” although this is a debated topic on what this “tightness” actually is 🤔. Performing a thorough evaluation to determine if this is a “restricted/tight” region can help in terms of going about addressing this issue. I, myself am very restricted in the hip flexor region, so? 👉 performing dynamic mobilizations/long duration stretching/neuro-muscular techniques, etc. to address the issue ✔️ I was inspired to post about this after seeing this from one of the greats: @dr.jacob.harden Thanks ❗️ . ⛑The psoas march helps create an isometric contraction to the hip flexor complex, which helps overload 💪 the hip flexors, which can help them reflexively relax 💆‍♂️via Golgi tendon organ ✔️ . 🔎Then performing the psoas march in a bride position, which 1). creates reciprocal inhibition of the hip flexor via activating the glutes 🍑 and 2). dynamically “lengthens” the hip flexor region ✅ . I went about this one more from a neurophysiological stand point, there are other ways to address this❗️ . #driveptandperformance #drnjbuonforte . TAG, COMMENT, & SHARE ‼️

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