Best Glute Exercises

💥HOW TO BUILD YOUR BUTT (NOT QUADS)💥 – 🦄One thing that’s important to know is a nice butt is a very nice. We all like a nice butt. Men like a nice butt. Women like a nice butt. I like a nice butt. You like a nice butt. Nearly Headless Nick once told me even ghosts like a nice butt…and I believe him! – ☕️Point is, a nice butt is a very nice. And if you want to build a nice nice butt there are many ways to do it. But sometimes you might want to build a nice nice butt without building your legs. And that’s ok because we all have goals and all goals are valid. And as long as you’re working towards a nice nice butt I think we can all be in agreement that we’re creating a positive environment in a nice nice world. – 🦄Anyway. If you want to build a nice nice butt without building your legs the key is to emphasize exercises known as “hip dominant.” These are exercises that use mostly glutes and hamstring and very little quad. Nearly all of these exercises have the knees almost straight while the hips create the movement (flex and extend) to force your nice butt to fire and grow into a nice nice butt. – ☕️If you have any questions about any of these exercises, legend has it there is a magical portal called…what’s the name…google! And if you enter this google portal and type in the name of the exercise followed by “tutorial” you will be transported on a magic carpet to a secret land in which you will have access to all of the video tutorials ever made on that exercise. Granted…that’s just a legend. So it might not be true (but worth a shot). – 🦄As for how many sets and reps you should do…the options are many and neither is “right” nor “wrong.” Generally, some exercises (sumo deadlift, barbell hip thrust) can be heavy for 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps whereas other exercises (SL RDL, SL Hip Thrust) can be moderate for 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps, and others (Back Extension, Cable Pull Through) can be lighter for 2-3 sets of 12-20 reps. – ☕️Those are just examples – not steadfast laws – but give em a shot and please let me know how your nice nice butt is coming along. – #glutes #gluteworkout #glutesworkout #gluteexercises #butt #buttworkout #buttexercises #gluteday #legday

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Advanced bird dog progressions

Effect of Electro Acupuncture

One of the topics discussed in our biomedical acupuncture course is the concept of electroacupuncture (EA). EA induces an analgesic effect due to the release of powerful endogenous (from within your body) opiates and their receptors. Depending on the EA frequency, different types of endogenous endorphins are released. EA is invasive, while TENS is superficial. However… EA needs less ⬇️ electrical current to achieve ⬆️ motor stimulation. The results speak for themselves: ⬇️ Muscle spasticity ⬆️ Blood flow ⬆️ Acceleration of tissue repair *⬇️* Tissue sensitivity to noxious stimuli. With our training standards, we expect each attendee to learn the art, science and application of electroacupuncture for their patient’s without ever hurting 💥 the patient. #MWRI #Electroacupuncture #DryNeedling #DryNeedlingTraining #Seminars #Biomedical #PainSciences #ChronicPain #OpiodCrisis #

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Best Hamstring Stretches

Effect of stopping exercise on the brain

Creative Treadmill Workouts

Femoral Acetabular Impingement: Rehab Exercises

Shoulder prehab and rehab exercises

Core exercises: Dying Bug and progressions

#Repost @kompftrainingsystems (@get_repost) ・・・ Here’s an awesome core and hip flexor activation exercise to do before your workout or as a filler. Have a @perform_better mini band around the feet, while having your lower back completely flat on the floor throughout the whole range of motion. While extending the leg out the opposing leg is resisting the band turning on the hip flexors and more specifically the Psoas which is a huge stabilizer of the lower back. – A couple coaching point- always be pushing the wall as hard as you can and trying to lift your hips off the floor. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – #performbetter #cpps #strengthandconditioning #sportsperformance #kompftrainingsystems #kts #scollofam #scollostrength #diligence #lowerback #core #coretraining #strengthcoach #coach #coaching #personaltrainer #training #basketball #girlsbasketball #functionaltraining #hardwork #diligence #commitment #consistency #feedyourfocus

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